Verenitti FireNas

A fully fledged network storage device.

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The FireNas

The Verenitti FireNas, a stretch goal on €750,000, is a fully fledged network storage device, with a L7 firewall configurable from any Verenitti device, with sharing options and an internal gigabit switch allowing it to act as a traffic gateway and media server for your home. With excellent speeds and some special features you can even view which devices are using upstream bandwidth, what is sending data at 3 am in the morning, and which one of your children is using all of your downstream bandwidth.

The Main Features

Application firewall. Using DNS and your IP addressing the FireNas can be configured to stop applications accessing the internet or even uploading too much data. A special firewall that really gives you control not only over your own PCs, and laptops, but also your TV, your gaming devices, your tablets, and anything in your home. You can block anything form anywhere in or out, or even block devices seeing or talking to other devices in your home.

Network control. You can now control the IP addressing in your home and the protocols that are distributed and even the DNS address given to all the devices in your home, stopping anyone from snooping on your browser history through DNS!

Common home VPN. You can place all the devices in your home or in your home office, to use your business VPN instead of only your laptop and even allows control on an individual basis both by user, application or device. Finally a common VPN capability for your home.

Network storage and backup. Allows you to store all of your media and share it within the home, but never allows access from external sources. Also allows you to backup across the network giving you peace of mind that you always have another backup at home with special compression to allow maximum efficiency.

Family sharing. Allowing for any family member to share documents, photos and more to all other members of the family within the home. Even alerts and reminders. Now the family has a place to share all things.

Gigabit switch. With multiple gigE interfaces allowing you to switch your home as you wish with optional WIFI and PowerLine modules to extend your network. Full switching capability beyond the normal home feature list.

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