Verenitti OS Features

For the curious amongst us.

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Verenitti OS main function and features

The below are the Verenitti OS main features and functions for the first 2 releases. Our goal is, and always will be, performance, stability, compatibility, privacy, and of course, just ease of use.

V-Fire - a Firewall L7
vFire - is a L7 firewall that allows you to control in and out completely and then later also controlling access to other resources. Also containing a simple to use VPN client and server that makes connecting a breeze as it works out the other side’s termination requirements for you if possible.
Filer allows Verenitti to control applications, file systems and network in forms never before seen. Giving control of backup, snapshots, files system types, file access, groups, network topologies etc …. It even does all your backups and syncing for you without problems, allowing for almost instant recovery, from almost any issue.
A gorgeous set of desktops for the user to choose from, some similar to Mac OS, some like windows, and these VDesks also have all the function and shortcuts that you are used to. Why would you want to look at a bland desktop all day every day. And these VDesks will be constantly updated, enhanced and expanded, to give the user a completely unparalleled experience.
Loci is an interesting feature as like in Mac OS pressing the OS key plus space will bring up a spotlight type field. Loci does not only act like Albert on Mac but also brings up recent files, applications and gives you access to strange and new menus. It is a launchpad, spotlight, Albert, short app access, and many other functions all in one.
In-built browser using DuckDuckGo intrinsically allowing you to rate websites, block some websites from your searches, control the areas of your searches that are real, and loads of intrinsic features built in to enhance the integrated search feature. And a special feature we will be adding art into the browser from different artists once or twice a day as the background .. but to promote their art we will allow the artist to sell the piece we use. We believe in the promotion of creators and artists as much as possible.
We love SnapSpaces as we want to improve your workflow to be as quick as possible. This is not a new feature in the industry but we will be enhancing it in Verenitti so that just by opening one application or a ‘preferred shortcut’ all the applications and there last known placement are all opened with that one click. So just by one clicking your whole workspace opens up for you.
Media & Games Manager Sukki makes your life so easy with all your media needs in the form of a single interface. With loads of codexes, media access features, Live TV, music player and manager, and loads of potential third party apps. With as many streaming protocols as we can support, such as Chromecast, with media streaming to devices, including steam streaming.
Vapp Store
The Verenitti application store with multiple tabs with the native tab holding all the applications that have been testing and are secure with no exceptions. All updates that we support natively will also be held there including third party scripts, games and applications we have helped enhance and have our approval. You can also, of course, install any application on Verenitti, from any operating system, dependent on the requirement. Verenitti will always stay open and stable which will include an API layer for simple proving for developers to add their apps natively on to her in a few days.
Creators and Professionals
One of the primary functions of Verenitti will not only to make the Operating System functional for gaming, but also so creators and professionals can work with speed and ease. SnapSpaces, and VIPs go a long way to helping the workflows but Verenitti won’t stop there we will dedicate ourselves to improving performance constantly.
System message aggregator allowing any user to understand what is going on with the system, both normal logs and alerts, even allowing you to configure email or desktop alerts on events. You don’t need to be a 25 year IT solution architect to understand your logs! We will bring you closer to Verenitti, allowing you both to understand each other.
A big part of VoS, Verenitti OS, will be virtualisation allowing users not to need third party virtualisation applications, as the virtualisation will be built-in, so loading other operating systems on Verenitti is not only easy, but also coded for enhanced performance.
AAA Gaming
A major feature of VoS will be the capability to run any game on verenitti and each of the major games will be optimised. With this virtualisation is means you can play any game for any OS at the same or even better speeds.  We will release performance charts throughout the dev process.
Legacy Gaming
At Verenitti we also want to give the old games new life by supporting anything our consumers want to play no mater how old. And to produce a `common gaming platform` for porting old games on to Verenitti if the developer so wishes to do it themselves.
Built into desktop you get a beautiful front end that contains ALL of your feeds from RSS, Podcasts, Video, Vlogs, and many more under a single interface. Alerts, priorities, auto-play, groupings and history, and many other features. And we will be even integrating charity capabilities in there, that you can enable when you wish, allowing you to join local charity activities and monitor your social activities, etc …. Feeder will also allow you to add notes instantly to the Verenitti Collaboration Tool so the architects can see your feedback if you so wish it. Want a new feature in Verenitti the ask is only a single click away.
Bubbles is a function within Verenitti that puts any type of application into a secure bubble, built within our floating operating system platform, with special VPN features and other isolating features, so if are really worried about an application then you can install it into a bubble to protect the rest of your system.
VIP is our Vertical integration platform for specific needs of professional. So Doctors for example can have a build made just for them with certain applications, search capabilities, DB access, etc …. Imagine bringing all Doctors around the world together through their Operating System even extending into a health Database.
You take your hope everywhere why not your OS? With companion apps and Porttas you can take Verenitti everywhere with you inside you Mac OS or Windows machine, so you can take your security and function with you even on lesser Operating Systems.
V-drivers are the ability to install a driver from any other operating system so to prevent limitations on the hardware you can use with Verenitti.  By making a driver platform that can accept most default drivers or even third party drivers it allows us to support all existing hardware.
Language and area support
We believe in local enhancements so we will support as many languages as we can and even embed maps with PoI routes allowing our users to easily get outside an enjoy their local areas with real rating on restaurants and walking routes etc …. Even integrating supermarket purchasing promoting organic purchasing if the user so wishes it. Verenitti, although will probably not have voice control, she will, eventually, talk to you and keep you company with our special collective AI software.