Verenitti 33 Laptop

Built-in Firewall, Application Profiles, Hybrid OS, Floating OS, Portable OS and lots more...

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The Laptop

Verenitti 33 is our first laptop offering and allows us to deliver a special mobile device. Built for power usage like gaming and video creation, its hardware is not only powerful, but the software is built for purpose. With the legacy SD card slot for those with cameras or the need, a beautiful high resolution screen, TB3 power capabilities and lots of other features that make this the first Unix-like laptop for a while you would want to own. And you can repair it anywhere too!


Verenitti 33 will also come with unique accessories and features. If you buy our hardware during the crowd funding, releases of all the laptops and PCs get a number, making them especially unique and might increase in value. You also get a unique email address never again to be distributed.

So unlike other laptops this is truly built for purpose, with open source drivers, and particular hardware profiles. We even have power management at a different level allowing for you to really drop the performance in favour of power or the other way around giving you true control over your experience. So if you just want to browse the web, watch a film, chat and read email, you can drop the power, or have it be done automatically for you and last twice or three times as long as normal. We can even switch off hardware.

There is more

Verenitti 33 does not come with a camera or mic, but you can buy small portable ones that you can plug in at your leisure. This means less bulk if you so wish it and when you are plugged at home normally individuals have external devices and use AirPods, or similar, on the move which works well with the concept of mobile V33.

Data protection is a concern for us, as many of our customers don’t want to use the cloud and lose control of their data, although there is no reason you cannot do that as well, but V33 software protects your data, so if a disk fails you are back almost instantly. Both the OS, your data and your priority applications are stored. Unlike any other operating system you can flag an application as a priority, such as email, and thus its data and image are kept on the highest level of protection. Verenitti also uses SnapShots and SnapSpaces that don’t only give you amazing performance and ease of use, but also protect your data in a way that gives almost no downtime when brought up.

So be the first to own a Verenitti laptop and join the revolution! The common operating platform to use all things.

The Specs for Now

English US
AMD Ryzen™ 7 2800H or better (Overclocked - no)
Operating System
Verenitti OS
Secuity Package
SSD Drives
x2 2TB M.2 SSD NVMe™ or more
Screen Size
40 cm (15.6 inch)
Screen Type
144 Hz IPS anti-glare 1440
Graphics Card
Radeon™ RX 640
32 GB or greater DDR4-3200 SDRAM
Verenitti Specialised Low Noise Technology
x2 USB 3.1 Type-C™ with Thunderbolt™ 3 (40 Gb/s signalling rate, Power Delivery 3.0, DisplayPort™ 1.4)
x2 USB 2 or greater
x1 RJ-45 gigabit NIC interface 100/1000
x1 headphone/microphone combo
x1 SD Card Slot
Power Protected 230 W AC power adapter with management