Verenitti OS

The UNIX-like OS for Gamers, Creators and Professionals.

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The Operating System

Verenitti is a Unix-like operating system we are developing, with a lot developed already, to allow users to have an OS they own and can use as they wish, with no forced cloud service or external identification needed. As digital code develops and the industry and government expand the possibilities, operating systems are becoming more and more unusable due to privacy concerns and bloat. Windows seems to believe it has the right to add adverts into your operating system whenever it chooses.

Verenitti attempts to give you a completely private and secure operating system but … with complete compatibility. Although we have a lot of native applications we think you, the user, has the right to play your games, and use the applications you have grown to know and love. Verenitti uses its own internal virtualisation to run non-native applications, from Windows, Apple and Linux at the same or greater speeds where possible, and isolating those applications, so they cannot cross chat on cookies or let applications steal information.

“The operating system you have always wanted.”

Free yourself.

The Story


As a group, after decades of developing IT solutions for large companies, the Verenitti staff came together and realised that operating systems are becoming unusable in many ways. Repair bills, forced two factor authentication, terms and conditions that businesses cannot agree to, voice apps listening to conversations, and thousands of other issues with security, privacy, usability, and general function.

So Verenitti was brought to life.  An operating system for both techs and consumers, that was built for the individual not the shareholder, with a real focus on performance and compatibility, allowing any application from any operating system to work on her.

Instead of getting a great operating system that means you have to change your life, using virtualisation, verenitti allows you to keep using what you know and how you do today, except within an operating system that protects and the terms and conditions are actually in your favour. This was never meant to be a profit machine under shareholders but maybe, if we could pull it off, a guiding light for the industry of what can be achieved with the right team.

“Use Verenitti and join the revolution!”

FloS The Floating Operating System

FloS is a really interesting methodology. It creates a floating layer above the native operating system for integration and virtualisation never before seen. The virtualisation is inside the operating system, built for it, but it sits isolated above, allowing the user to install any operating system like it is native without hassle or headaches. Similar to how Parallels works, not really, but the closest you can come, FloS creates specific requirements for each operating system to either give it hardware acceleration or pass-through to hardware. This means applications and especially games can run at the same speed as natively on Mac OS and Windows, or in some cases, even faster.

“We all float down here!”



Verenitti also has a feature called Porttas within her, it is a method of creating her own virtual machine for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, to carry around on non-native devices. So with relative ease you can create a snapshot of your Verenitti operating system to run on windows.


“Take her with you everywhere.”

AAA Gaming

AAA Gaming

One thing we have focused on in the Alpha is gaming. Many operating systems are developed and have their own game store but no operating system can play them all! Our goal is to allow gamers to play anything´ from any operating system with the performance that matches or is better than the native experience. We are even roadmapping many older games and emulators long since dead that people would love to see there in the OS.

AAA Gaming - Screenshot

“AAA gaming without restriction”


Another area we will focus on is the enablement of creators and their ability to function within Verenitti. Whether code or graphics or video Verenitti will be built to make it easy for you, with SD Card slots on our laptops, and functional and fast software for your creations. And it is in our interest, as well as yours to make Verenitti for creators, and professional aesthetics. If you want to know the biggest secret, we created Verenitti not just for you, but for us. For 20 years we've been wanting a Unix-like operating system with no lock in, no forced behaviour, something that we could change but was actually completely stable. We made Verenitti for us too, so it gives you an idea of the passion behind the development. And although she is only in alpha now she is almost there.

“Bring your beauty into the world.”


The last operating system you will ever need.

Application Profiles

Now this is something we are very proud of and find very special within an operating system. We are developing application profiles which means when you play a game or use a program like Affinity Photo or Luminar, the underlying system, the platforms they sit on, are built for them, specially for those applications and games too.

So we don't only build the code for them but also resource management in a new way. If a game works best with 6 COREs and 8 GB of RAM, it gets 6 COREs and 8 GB of RAM. If it needs two GPUs, 24 Threads and 64 GB of RAM, if it is available, it gets it. And we are even building App Profiling for dynamic usage across all virtual machines and native apps creating an incredibly efficient environment.

“We make a special chair for your games and creative applications.”



Efficiency is important to us all, we learn keyboard shortcuts, and faster methods, and we are constantly seeking to improve our workflow, and we get it. The team is creating what we call SnapSpaces, which allows you to one-click a whole workspace, so open 8-10 applications, in the right workspace, with some actions, all by opening one application or through a shortcut. You sit down at your desk and click open DaVinci Resolve and 7 other applications open for you, filer to see all your video files, template holder, your browser with certain windows, your project notes, etc …. Create SnapSpaces as you wish! Never again will you have to spend ten minutes building your workspace for your workflow. You may end up owing us 4 weeks of your life time :)


“One-click workspaces.”


Filer is a file explorer with a lot more feature capability. Not only does it separate folders into type, like photos and videos, and have smart folder capabilities, it also has our data protection such as snapshotting, backups, raid and many other methods to make sure you don’t lose your data. We even add a backup disk by default into our laptops and PCs, so you have internal backups to rebuild your system if one disk fails. It also means we can provide recovery services or help third parties recover your data. We believe you own your data and there is enough technology to not have to force yourself into the cloud and lose control over your data.

Filer also has automatic registration of file types, so photos are automatically recognised by the OS and thus can be considered in block or individually for applications. We also integrate the clipboard into Filer allowing instant saving and control of clipboards. To make things simpler filer has the below features either already or being developed for the main release.


Data protection and backup

Automatic file sorting and recognition

Integrated clipboard

Integrated file management applications

Full network topology visibility and control

File access logging

Loci integration (similar to spotlight)

Beautiful and easy to use GUI

Metadata control for all files

“Take file management to a new high.”

Security and Performance

As our Operating System is a Unix-like operating system, it intrinsically comes with amazing security. Most firewalls are built on it, but we take that a step further with multiple layers of network passthrough. And not just for FloS boxes. The network is where you always have to start and we lock it down in a special way. We also create ‘bridges’ within the OS to stop applications breaking out of their containers. This also allows us to extend privacy too.

Verenitti developer teams will be focusing heavily, more than most other items, on performance. Verenitti, in herself is incredibly quick, she has most of the features of other operating systems but without the bloat. Her firewall in-built for example, making her 80% faster and less resource intensive than some others.

“In-built security people don’t even know exist.”


Compatibility. Verenitti promises to be compatible as much as humanly possible with as many OSes, applications and games as we can, even building specific app profiles for each one, allowing for better performance and resource management.

Functional hardware. We intend to test and support as much hardware as we can. We have rigorous testing methods for our software relative to hardware, so updates and applications are incredibly stable, but also we will be developing driver boxes and our own ports or drivers, so you are not restrained on hardware usage.

Privacy. We will never enforce any kind of cloud, we will intrinsically protect you from other operating systems in virtualisation, and make sure no application or system can steal any of your history or data on Verenitti.

Performance. Verenitti will always seek to be the fastest operating system in the world in as many forms as we can be. We will push and focus on development to make sure you are never restricted in expending your machines, or processing power and constantly aim to improve the derivers and efficiencies of all OS functions, applications and games. We have absolute intentions to keep resources low, efficiencies higher performance beyond all others, even in virtualisation.

Gaming. Although Verenitti is similar to Mac OS in it’s origins and fundamentals we will not be ignoring gaming, in fact the opposite, through virtualisation and lots of other methods we will be focusing on gamers so that both heavy gamers and part time gamers get not only a viable operating system that allows day to day activity and productivity, but also to game at higher FPS and general quality than other operating systems where possible.

Creators. Verenitti will always be enhancing the integration, performance and capability of creator apps. We want to promote artists as much as possible even selling graphic design and pictures on our platforms so we will be dedicated to the artist and creators communities.

Open Source. The team will be sending as much of our code as we can into the OpenSource community. We hope to reach 70% of our lines written back in open source, or more, if at all possible. We believe in the hybrid model of revenue based delivery then feeding back into the community.

Techs. As we are a group of techs and have always dreamed of having a Verenitti, we mourned the loss of Solaris, and dreamed of an operating system based on ‘Unix-Similar’ conversions and kernels. It is here. Finally we get it. No hardware restriction, completely stable, easy to use and gets out of the way but still if you want to drill down into her she is ready for you. We know you, we are you, and will always make sure however pretty she is on top, underneath she will always be a tech’s operating system.

Ease of Use. One of our major mandates is to make Verenitti OS not only good looking, pleasing to the eye, but also incredibly easy to use, with windows and Mac apps installing automatically with one click, no hassle virtualisation, and integrated in the overall look and feel.

Vertical Professions. Verenitti will build into it over its life time particular profiles for professions like doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, etc…. Allow them to state their profession within the operating system and then Verenitti will download and install and make configurations changes to make their life easier, such as forums in the feed manager, searches within their realm, particular databases online, etc…. Anything and everything the individual needs, if we can, to enhance their ability to produce easily.

- Verenitti Team